Nike Tech Pack Featuring Sydney Leroux

Nike Sportswear recently unveiled their new tech pack with a variety of athletes, including US Women’s National Team striker, Sydney Leroux. The photo shoot took place in Pasadena, California which served up a pretty good dose of nostalgia for Leroux: “This is where the US won the World Championships in 1999. That was a huge day for me, and I think for a lot of girls.” The video then follows Leroux to a tattoo parlor where she reveals that she’s been getting tattoos since she was fourteen.

Leroux reveals that she moved to the US from Canada when she was a young player in order to try and play for “the best team in the World.” Her opportunity came when she played in the Olympics in London two years ago and scored a goal:

“It was pretty simple, just a long ball over the top, and I kind of sprinted onto it, and I was looking to my right and I saw Abby [Wambach]. It was just me and the goalie and I was a little nervous, so I looked at Abby and Abby’s pointing like, Take the shot. I shot it and it kind of went underneath and went through her legs and dipped, and all I saw was the back of the net just kind of ripple with the ball hitting it. I’ll remember that forever.”


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