Nike Reveals Away Kits: Portugal & The Netherlands

Nike Portugal Away Jersey

Nike recently revealed the Portugal Away kit and jersey for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The white jersey is a classic look with some blue trim and a high collar. This year the Portugal Football Federation is celebrating it’s centenary, which is commemorated below the jersey’s badge. Other interesting design details include: “Inside the back of the neck is a white pennant tab featuring the Order of Christ, an evocative Portuguese cross that pays homage to the nation’s rich seafaring history. The cross radiated from the sails of the ships helmed by great Portuguese explorers during the 15th century.” The shorts are also blue and the socks close out the look in white.

Another recent launch was the Netherlands Away kit & jersey. The jersey is quite striking, with a unique pattern moving down the front of the fabric. Nike had a lot to say about the pattern which is “an isometric grid pattern of interlocking chevrons that start at the top as bright blue and gradually become darker, ending as imperial purple at the hem. The pattern has a glow and depth, representing the prominence of water in Dutch life and the country’s landscape. The blue in the pattern signifies the Dutch royal family and the color of the cross that appears in their official flag.” Also in an ode to the Dutch style of play, the pattern “reflects the essence of Dutch football and the dynamic style of National Team Coach Louis van Gaal’s team, wherein each player subverts themselves to the team and intricate passing and movement conforms to a system.”

Holland The Netherlands Away Jersey and kitThe new away shorts and socks also continue with the imperial purple color at the bottom of the hem of the jersey. So far, along with the Brazilian kits, these Dutch ones are right up there. The colorways and designs are really eye-catching.



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