Adidas Adizero F50 Crazylight

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Adidas recently revealed its new adizero f50 crazylight, the lightest boot in the world weighing in at 135g. The boot weighs about 20% less than the current adizero f50 line, which is worn by Lionel Messi. About its latest innovations, Adidas said:

“In addition to new lightweight upper skin the SPEEDTRAXION stud configuration on the outsole has been rearranged in order to increase traction, while also further decreasing the overall weight of the boot. The pattern on the outsole is laser etched and a premium anodized coating is also added to minimize weight and guarantee a premium finish on the overall design. The base of outsole construction is the SPRINTFRAME, a strong but lightweight lower section that offers players a perfectly balanced boot.”

The new Crazylights will be worn exclusively by Gareth Bale, debuting tonight in the Real Madrid game versus Schalke in the Champions League.


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