Messi Becomes Barcelona’s All-Time Leading Scorer

BarcelonaVOlympiakosImage courtesy of Ryu Voelkel

On Sunday Messi became Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer when he scored a hat-trick against Osasuna, and helped Barcelona win 7-0. Messi has scored 371 goals in all competitions, eclipsing the record set by Paulino Alcantara, who scored 369 goals in 357 appearances between 1912-1927. The craziest number in this whole thing is 26: Messi’s age.

To celebrate this incredible feat, Adidas has created a bespoke series of 371 pairs of adidas adizero f50 Messi boots in a limited edition colorway:

“In an adidas first, each pair of boots will feature a different design on the left and right foot, inspired by Messi´s goal scoring stats, separating the percentage of goals he’s scored with his left foot, right foot and head. The boots also carry the unmistakable Messi boot customisation with the name of his son Thiago and date of birth printed on the side of the product. Each pair will be uniquely numbered #001 – #371.”

The boots will also come in a special packaging with a 20 page commemorative booklet that highlights 5 of Messi’s most famous goals.


Check out Messi’s hat trick highlights below:


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