Nike Magista: On-field Tests & Initial Reactions

It’s been a few days since Nike released the Magista and declared that football would never be the same again. Now that everyone has had a chance to catch their breath, let’s take a look at this seemingly revolutionary product from Nike.

Players of the Nike Academy, Nike’s full time pro-level soccer training program, were part of the prototyping process for the new Magista. They are shown wearing the typical black-out prototype version of the boot, and they seem to be having a ball.

A bunch of players from various retailers were invited to test out the Magista at the Barcelona launch event, and their initial reactions were very positive.


Nike Flyknit: Flyknit upper provides closer ball feel and improved touch.

“You are really close to the ball with the Magista. The upper is thin, there’s not a lot of padding… it’s just like a barefoot experience.” –  Joltter for Unisport.

Rotational Traction: Pebax nylon plate with conical stud pattern for 360 degree rotational traction.

Sock-like fit: Dynamic Fit collar delivers a sock-like fit. Perhaps the most unique design component to this new boot. The collar is unlike anything ever seen on a soccer cleat before.

“The collar actually gave us a challenge to get the boots on. The material is stretchy but structured and we had to play around a bit before sliding into the shoe.” –

“I have a feeling that my foot, my ankle and my lower leg are all connected together. The lock down effect is really awesome and comfortable.” – Joltter for Unisport. Joltter also goes on to describe that the dynamic fit collar can be easily slipped over soccer socks or training socks. 

Our initial thoughts: The Magista is an interesting looking boot. The colorways are vibrant, and the dynamic fit collar is very unique. However, the design of the boots raises a lot of questions for us. These questions can only be answered by actually playing with the boots, so we’re interested in hearing someone’s reaction in the middle of their season and how the boots faired by the end. With the use of the flyknit material, will these boots break down and rip too easily? We already have people returning the Hypervenom Phantom in the shop because the Nike Skin rips easily on the outer edges of the boots, and the Magista uses a layer of what appears to be Nike Skin over the flyknit. Also, how much protection does this upper offer to the player’s foot? Any aggressive player has had numerous occasions of getting their feet absolutely stomped on, and we can say we wouldn’t necessarily want that to happen with a “sock-like” boot. The reviewer at was actually able to answer some of these questions, but they were only able to test the boots out for a couple hours so we’ll have to wait and see if they stand the test of time.


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