NYCFC: Which Badge?

NYCFC badges

NYCFC is letting it’s supporters vote for the Official Club badge this week. The badge will be the cornerstone of the official launch of the team’s identity on March 20th. The voting period ends on Thursday, March 13th which is about one year away from the start of the team’s inaugural season in 2015. The club has also offered it’s supporters the chance to design their own NYCFC badge, which will be displayed in a fan badge mosaic to be revealed later this spring. Some of these fan designs are shown below.


The two final NYCFC badge designs are shown at the top of this post. One is a shield and the other a circular badge, and both utilize the same fonts and NYC monogram. The badges were designed by Rafael Esquer, who is best known for his iconic “Made in NY” logo used to support local film and television production (think SNL). Subway tokens and architectural details were used as inspiration for the designs, and both use the Gotham font inspired by the City’s signage. Navy blue, white and orange are colors drawn from the New York City flag. What do you guys think? The circular badge has my vote, I think the shield reminds me too much of a police badge.



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