World Cup Campaign: Rise As One

Budweiser and FOX Sports have teamed up for a documentary series showcasing six unique global soccer stories that will air in more than 55 countries leading up to the World Cup this summer in Brazil. The series is a part of Budweiser’s “Rise as One” FIFA World Cup campaign. The series consists of six thirty-minute episodes focus on inspiring stories from the diverse world of soccer. The first episode will launch on March 25th in the US and Puerto Rico. FOX Sports provided a brief description of each of the episodes:

·Power of Unity: In “Power of Unity,” the Japanese women’s national team overcame intense personal pain to inspire their country after the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

·Breaking Barriers: In “Breaking Barriers,” USA and Iran go head-to-head at the 1998 World Cup and amid volatile politics and intense scrutiny, broke soft diplomacy on the world stage.

·One Nation: In “One Nation,” the French men’s national team uses the 1998 World Cup to help heal the racial splits within their nation and sport.

·Match for Peace: The story of how an exhibition match between World Cup champions Brazil and war torn Haiti, helped lift the spirits of the island nation during one of its darkest hours.

·Forever Heroes: Nearly 20 years after a plane crash killed all but three men from Zambia’s national team, “Forever Heroes” shows how the new survivor-led club overcame tragedy to capture the African Cup of Nations, just miles from the crash site.

·World War Truce: During a tense, frozen Christmas in World War I, German and British soldiers held a secret cease-fire to play a friendly soccer game.

These stories sound like some pretty powerful stuff, we’re looking forward to this campaign roll out over the coming months.


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