Brazilian Yellow, Green and Blue

Brasil_Away_Kit_originalIn the first half of today’s friendly against South Africa, Brazil wore their traditional yellow kits, but then switched in the second half to their blue away kits just released by Nike. The jersey features tonal blue stripes with tiny geometric circles and diamonds taken from the Brazilian flag. The blue background is also meant to represent the ocean and popular surf culture along the coastline of Brazil.


Some other interesting design subtleties from Nike:

“On the inside of the jersey, a circular design features the diamond from the Brasilian flag, which is surrounded by the phrase, ‘Nascido para jogar futebol,’ Brasilian Portuguese for ‘Born to Play Football.’

Nike worked with acclaimed Brasilian designer Bruno Big to create the pennant tab inside the back of the neck that shows the Southern Cross, the constellation of stars on the nation’s flag. These stars shined over Rio de Janeiro when the Brasilian republic was proclaimed in 1889.

The names and numbers on the back of the jerseys and on the front of the shorts have a unique font inspired by the hand-printed posters seen on streets across Brasil.”



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