The Art of Football: Pepsi Campaign

Pepsi recently launched their “Art of Football” campaign for the lead up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The striking campaign combines photography and street art with some of the top footballers in the world. The world-renowned photographer, Danny Clinch, photographed Leo Messi, Robin van Persie, Jack Wilshere, David Luiz, Sergio Aguero and Sergio Ramos. The photographs were then blown up into 10 x 10 canvases for six leading street artists to paint over. The passion that these artists have for their work is powerfully displayed on these canvases, matching the level of dedication and passion that these soccer players bring to the pitch. This is a truly awesome campaign, especially since the World Cup is being held in a country where the history and spirit of soccer is so vibrant.

The Artists:

Hattie Stewart (painted over Jack Wilshere)

Ever (painted over Leo Messi)

Jaz (painted over Sergio Aguero)

Merijn Hos (painted over Robin van Persie)

Zosen (painted over Sergio Ramos)

Ricardo AKN (painted over David Luiz)





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