Adidas Reveals Stylish Away Kits: Germany, Spain, Argentina, Russia

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Home kits are usually pretty standard; brands don’t tend to deviate from historical colors and designs. Away kits, however, are where the big kit suppliers can have a little fun, and Adidas did just that with the release of the 2014 FIFA World Cup away kits for Russia, Germany, Spain and Argentina. Spain’s away kit colors definitely deviate from the norm with a black and bright green colorway. Germany’s new away jersey almost looks like a shirt J.Crew or the Gap would sell with a henley style and stripes. The unique design of the Russian jersey is especially interesting, with Adidas using pictures of the Earth taken by a Russian space satellite.

Germany: “The lines stand for team spirit and integration on the pitch. The jersey is a strong statement underlining the lifestyle of fashion-conscious young people in Germany, their openness and their unconventional attitude.” – Jurgen Rank, Chief Designer for soccer apparel at Adidas.

Spain: “The black and neon gear has been inspired by meaningful features of the cheerful, alive, bustling, social and colorful Spanish culture. The three neon stripes contrasted with a total black, symbolizes the encouragement of the Spanish followers that will take place on the upcoming summer nights.”

Argentina: “The different tones of blue that make up the design of the away jersey are the same as those used on the alternative jersey of the national team in previous world cups. Just as in the home jersey, the engineering of this shirt creates a visual effect of a flag being blown by the wind.”

Russia: “The Earth Scientific Monitoring Center took part in the developing process of the kit and delivered unique pictures of Earth, taken from the Russian space satellite ‘Electro-L’ #1, to adidas. The outline of the Earth was modified and placed on the t-shirt, now it looks like a light blue semicircle. According to the idea of adidas designers, this image shows same perspective from which Yuri Gagarin (the first man in space) saw Earth in 1961.”

Images courtesy of Adidas


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