Off The Pitch: Nike Tiempo ’94

For many players, Soccer isn’t just a hobby or sport, it’s a lifestyle. In keeping with that tradition, Nike has created an “off the pitch” sneaker version of their classic Tiempo cleat. The ’94 refers to the  first year that Nike introduced a cleat into the world of soccer in Pasadena, California. Celebrating a 20 year heritage in the sport, the Nike Tiempo ’94 is offered in a variety of colorways as well as both suede and leather uppers. The oversized tongue is removable and mirrors that classic soccer cleat fold-over tongue look. We’ve had a chance to take a look at these sneakers in person, and while they do exude a definite soccer attitude & look, they are quite heavy, which is a departure from the lightness of Nike’s newest Tiempo Legend V cleat. Weight isn’t necessarily a big deal once you step off the field, though. You can buy them here.

Image courtesy of Extra Butter NY


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