Nike vs. Adidas: Ronaldo & Xabi Alonso Debate

Nike vs. Adidas is an ongoing debate amongst soccer players, especially in the last decade with Nike Soccer gaining a lot of momentum as the brand of choice. In a recent Real Madrid training session, Xabi Alonso & Cristiano Ronaldo decided to put in their two cents about their respective brands (we all know Ronaldo is Nike’s main man). To be honest, it’s somewhat comical to see players of this caliber having this discussion. They sound just like the kids who come into our shop and fight about which cleats are better. Here’s a rough translation of what they had to say:

Ronaldo: How can you compare Nike to Adidas?

Xabi: Adidas is history. Nike are basketball.

Ronaldo: These boots are “top” for a top player.

Xabi: They are plastic. Madrid is Adidas. Adidas has been in soccer since the 70s (or 70 years). Nike has been in football for 3 days.

What do you think? Are you Nike or Adidas (or something else) or do you just not care?



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