Kit Deals: Arsenal & Man U

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Instead of dwelling on the 5-1 loss that Arsenal suffered over the weekend to Liverpool, let’s talk about something a little more joyful: kits. The London team recently announced that they would not be renewing their contract with Nike, opting for Puma to design next season’s kits instead. The deal was a record-breaker, with Puma agreeing to pay the club £35 million a year to supply their kits and all related gear. Arsenal has had some pretty classic kits in the past 10 years with Nike, so hopefully the Puma kits won’t disappoint!

Another current Nike team, Manchester United, was also recently in the market for a possible new supplier as their current contract with the popular brand comes to an end in 2015. Adidas, Warrior, and Puma have all been invited to bid for the opportunity to supply the world-renowned Premier League team. This deal could be even bigger than the Arsenal deal with Puma, reaching upwards of £70 million a year. Let’s see who is willing to cough up that much money for a chance to outfit the Red Devils.


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