Beckham Miami MLS

David Beckham Bares All: Ready for Miami Weather

David Beckham is having a pretty good week. On Sunday his Super Bowl commercial with retail giant H&M aired, which showed a physically fit Becks running around in his underwear (definitely not a disappointment for the female audience). On Wednesday, Beckham announced that he will be starting his own MLS team in Miami. This is definitely good news for the league. No doubt Beckham’s celebrity power can continue to grow the popularity of professional soccer in the US.

However, there are still a few factors up in the air. For one, the team has no stadium to play in. It also has no name and still needs a great deal of financing. These don’t seem like major issues for Becks, though. He has enough connections to build a great stadium, and an even better team. The Miami team is predicted to start competing by 2017, with a foreseeable rivalry between the newly formed Orlando team. Let’s just hope that Beckham brings some of his buddies over from the Premier League.


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