Details: Brazil National Team Kit

After a recent unveiling by Nike, yesterday marked the first day that the Brazilian National Team kit was available for purchase. The Brazilian kit has a long and storied history. The first team colors used by Brazil were actually white and blue, but after a defeat at the 1950 World Cup, they were deemed unpatriotic. A Brazilian newspaper decided to hold a competition for a new design of the kit using the colors of the national flag. A nineteen-year-old, Aldyr Garcia Schlee, won the contest with the design of a yellow shirt with green trim and blue shorts with white trim. The new kit debuted in 1954 and has been used ever since.

Photo courtesy of Nike

The new kit retains the design that made it an icon, while also incorporating some new subtle details. The inner collar has a yellow canary emblem, probably alluding to the nickname of the Brazil National Team, Canarinho (Little Canary). The back of the crest patch also has its own design with the saying: “Nascido para jogar futebol” or “Born to play football.” The shirt itself has a more slender cut, and also features a comfortable y-neckline. The kit features Nike’s Dri-FIT technology, as well as mesh zones and laser-cut holes in order to increase breathability (which are not featured in the replica version).

Overall: the kit has a beautiful and simplistic design with some key details that celebrate the tradition of the Brazilian National Team. The fabric is extremely soft and moves very well when worn during play. One of the most remarkable facts about the entire kit (shorts & socks included) is that it’s made out of an average of 18 recycled plastic bottles. Hats off to Nike for a dedication to green initiatives.


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